Professional Race Driver Chooses The Chevelle

Alex Figge Wouldn’t Be Without His Chevrolet…

He’s raced hundreds of different circuits in hundreds of different vehicles, but when it comes to driving around day to day he loves the Chevrolet Chevelle.

Bog standard isn’t a phrase he’s associated though, and a chassis upgrade is amongst many tweaks he’s had made to this car, resulting in a beautiful finished auto.


The outside doesn’t look too different, as the mods have been beautifully and subtly carried out, leading to the perfect car for a race driver to relax in, knowing that the power is still there if needed.

 “I knew I wanted to do a ’70 Chevelle and I started looking at businesses that could help me,” he said. Once he came across the Roadster Shop in Mundelein, Illinois, the search came to an end. “They are building the most innovative and highest performance muscle cars around by far. I didn’t even call another shop.”

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